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July 17, 2006
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Diosa Del Universo I by luci-ette Diosa Del Universo I by luci-ette


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*mizzd-stock girl
~lup-stock planets
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When I was in the church, we were often told to surrender, and trust God, because He has everything in His hands. It was comforting to think that no matter what happened, He, someone, was in control. And if He could move planets, shape the heavens and name the stars, He could do anything.

You may disagree, and thats fine. But thats whats this makes me feel, wonder and peace. Maybe hope. I also like how the girl is definately human - it shows how we are all tied into everything. Maybe it even suggests that if we attain harmony with the natural, we are able to do the impossible. The Goddess, or "Diosa", is you, me, anyone. We are in charge, and (I would argue) we are meant to do what humans do; love. The stars are beautiful.

I like the colors here, earthy natural tones. And the manipulation looks seamless. A very cool effect and an apt showcase for your many talents.

This also reminds me of a very special, amazing and beautiful movie I've seen recently, called the Fountain. You'll know why when you experience it. See it, I want to talk about it. :) I know you would be one of the few that gets it.
Yeah, I disagree John about the God thingy. you know it . :XD:
What I tried to show with this one is that we own the world. its not his . its ours. and everything we do, no matter if its good or bad or both, it affects us all .
Yeah, we have to love. LOVE, not hate . but meh . everything I people do nowadays is hate. dont tell me they dont . [I know there are a few who dont but only 1 or 2 . you're one of them :)]

Dont tell me Im mean for taking too long to reply. Im not. its just that I never find the suitable words to reply.!

That moviee . Ill watch it some day.. and then we will talk about it xD
Good to hear (or, read) I guess. Thanks for replying...meanie.

Thanks for your words about love. But I don't think that just because a lot of people find it easier to hate, that then makes it right.
I like the background... it makes me happy. ^^ And the girl looks pretty too.
hihi thank you ^^
Devil427 Jul 18, 2006
that's amazing ... great :wow:
thank you very much :heart:
Devil427 Jul 19, 2006
ma pleasure :)
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